Session IPA - 07/28/2015

My brewing efforts while thwarted over the weekend could be delayed no longer. This Tuesday the 28th of July I took to my Mash Tun and could not be parted until the wort had been made, and it was good...

Brewed a session IPA with a hopeful FG of around 1.010 I'd really like this one to come in around 4.5-4.7% ABV. We shall see...


  • Vienna Malt - 7.5 lbs
  • Pale Malt 2-Row - 3 lbs
  • Crystal 120L - 0.75 lbs

Mash - 75 min @ 150° F


  • Cascade 1 oz @ 60 min
  • Simcoe 0.5 oz @ 50 min
  • Mosaic 1.5 oz @ Flameout
  • Galaxy 1 oz @ Flameout
  • Mosaic 2 oz Dry Hop
  • Galaxy 3 oz Dry Hop

Boil Time - 90 Min

OG - 1.049

pH 5.5

Seems like a solid brew from the pre-ferm taste test, bittering is right where I wanted it at around 40 IBU which is low for the still but I think the yeast and grain bill will make up for the kick lost from the hops. I'm not as big a hop head as all the other West Coast Brewers, although I do like a good bit of bitter from time to time.