Brew Day 02/12/2015 - SF Sour Dough Big Berliner Brew Day

A solo brew day (except for Hitch) on the Monday before was a targeted Sour Mash w/ ~20% of the total anticipated grain bill for the following full mash. After souring with a GigaYeast blend of Sour Dough pitch I added the sour mash to the main mash until I achieved a pH of 5.2 - this was then sparged and then treated exactly like a normal brew day with a resulting pH of ~5.5 post boil.

The smell isn't like anything I've ever done before so I will be very much looking forward to tasting this beer. I basically ramped a Berliner Weisse recipe up to about double the normal grain bill.

Also, sadly I realized that my Blichmann G2 boil kettle has the sight glass liter markings upside down... No way to fix it it appears to have been engraved backwards.

IN|CA SF SD Big Berliner

General Recipe - 5 Gallon All Grain, Estimated Efficiency 72%, Mash @ 150°F for 75 Minutes, Boil Time of 90 Min

Grain Bill 

2015-02-12 15.56.08.jpg
  • German Pilsner (Pale Malt 2-Row) 7lbs
  • German Wheat 4lbs

Hop Schedule

  • Saaz 1oz. @ 15 min 


  • Whirlfloc Tab @ 5 Minutes
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Sour Mash w/ 20% of Grain Bill - Soured for 2 days prior and added to mash.