Brew Day 01/31/2015 - Farmhouse Saison - Brunch & Brew

It was a beautiful day and brew to end the month of January with. The weather in San Francisco could not have been better... Tina and I (Brett) hosted our first of what we hope will become many "Brunch & Brew" where we had brunch and brewed. 

It was really great to get to meet a lot of new people and a lot of fun to explain the brewing process to some newbies. Hopefully we get a few new homebrewers out of this event.

I recently returned from a trip to San Diego so I thought I'd clone my favorite new beer I discovered on my trip. So I shot for Modern Times Lomaland recipe. Which I based off of what the Mad Fermentationist posted to his blog, which you can find here.

As for what I brewed that day it doesn't stray far from what he has posted... However I did pitch GigaYeast's GB121 Farmhouse Sour blend instead of the WL French Saison because I like everything a little bit funky.

16C - Farmhouse Saison - Mad Fermentationist Adaptation

General Recipe - AG BIAB - Batch Size - 3.2 gallons; Boil - 5.05 Gallons; Boil Time 95 min; Est ABV 5.2%; PreBoil OG - 1.035; OG - 1.047

Grain Bill  

  • German Pilsner (2-Row) 3lbs 5.8oz/56.6%
  • Pale Malt US (2-Row) 1lbs 1.9oz/18.9%
  • Flaked Wheat  15.4oz/16.2%
  • Flaked Corn 8.0oz/8.4%

Hop Schedule

  • Hallertauer Hersbrucker 1.12oz @ 60min
  • Saaz 0.64oz @ 15min
  • Saaz 0.64oz @ 2min
  • Saaz0.64oz @ Flameout


  • GigaYeast GB121 Farmhouse Sour Blend


  • Whirlfloc Tab
  • Yeast Nutrient

Check back in a few weeks I will do a review of the GigaYeast blend once I've seen how the beer tastes and let you guys know what we think. So far its taken off like a rocket! Quite the krausen... and I did a two step starter for my next brewday this coming week off dreg washing the bag.

Thats the krausen after 6 hours post pitch in my Speidel fermentor----------------------------------------------------->

May beer be forever in your hand, brew on friends!