Brew Day 01/03/2015 - Sour SMASH

First brew day of the year for Kyle and I.  Unfortunately it's in separate states, fortunately though Kyle's brewing with his Dad in Indiana. We'll have a summary of his brew day up once he makes it back to California.

Today I'm solo brewing a Sour SMASH one gallon BIAB.

SMASH stands for Single Malt, Single Hop. Its a great way to explore the specific taste a given malt or hop imparts in your beer and a method I highly suggest if you've never tried it before.

This recipe is based off of a previously successful pilsner. Hope everyone is having a great brewing weekend!

If you happen to stumble upon this site and live in San Francisco, and you home brew feel free to reach out! 

While its not what I'm brewing today, I thought I'd post my previous SMASH recipe as I know there are few one gallon recipes out there in the interwebs.

Pilsner Simcoe SMASH

Pilsner Malt - 2lbs 12oz - Mash in at ~154 F for 75 mins. w/ 3.44 quarts or 13.4 cups of water, sparge with 1.17 gal or 18.7 cups of water @ 168 F

Pre Boil Gravity - 1.051

Est OG - 1.058

Simcoe - 0.2 oz @ 60 & flame out

My system gives me about 70% efficiency so adjust accordingly.