Brew Day 01/01/2015 - Coffee Porter

Brewers­: Garry & Kyle

­Brewing Style: 5 gallon, Partial Mash @ 154F for 60 min., Boil @ 60 min., ­OG ­ 1.061, FG ­ 1.0xx -ABV­ x%

Grain Bill: (2 lb) 2­Row - (1 lb) Flaked Wheat - (1 lb) Chocolate Wheat - (8 oz) Caramel Wheat - (6 lb) LME ­ Wheat Malt

Hop Schedule: (1 oz) Summit ­60 min - (.5 oz) Cascade ­10 min - (.5 oz) Centennial ­10 min - (.5 oz) Cascade ­0 min - (.5 oz) Centennial ­0 min

Other Additions: (1lb) Light Roast Coffee 0 min Yeast: Wyeast 1056 (2 Vials) Water: Filtered Greenwood

01.01.2015­ Brew day ­ Cold, brisk & sunny was the environment we working in for the first brew session of the year. In previous cold weather brewing we had trouble with keeping a boil on the burner. Today using the Blichmann we had no problem keeping a rolling boil in 10 degrees ( 0 degree wind chill) weather. A beautiful thing. We had help in the kitchen, tying off hop bags and coffee bags. We unloaded 1 lb. whole bean light roast coffee at the end of boil, so we wanted to make sure we had those under control. Worked out perfect and smelled amazing on a cold winter day. The wort cooled super fast and we had it cellared within 4 hours of our start. We had a couple brews from the tap­ our oatmeal brown. A good brew session to start the year.